Our jean belts are made by adding a lot of attention to detail. These belts are made using Belgian and Italian shoulders. The leather is firm but durable which gives the end product a supple, comfortable feel to touch. They have a fine glaze that enhances the grain in the leather. The edges are bevelled and then hand painted including the holes for the prong. The edges are then hand polished to give a natural professional sheen. The buckles have a tab stitched on top to give the belts an understated elegance. These belts can be supplied in either gold or nickel finish or for small extra a changeable tab with buckle can be supplied, providing an alternative option, We carry these belts which are usually in stock and they are made in increments of 3 inches and made in Black, Navy, Brown, Whisky and London Tan. We carry these belts in other sizes than the ones we carry in stock at an extra charge for larger sizes.

HS 41 39mm / 1.4 inches

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£45.00Sale Price